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Karma Notes' Features

Realtime Feedback App

3 embarrassingly easy steps that take less than
1 minute to give and get feedback
Employees seek ongoing feedback through the year. Karma Notes allows employees to seek and give each other instant onging feedback linked to critical incidents by syncing with office calendar, making feedback specific and timely. This is followed by real-time feedforward advice to facilitate development.
Actionable development areas employees won’t forget
The Karma Notes Dashboard is simple and focused so that insights stay relevant and top-of-mind. The dashboard highlights two things that are going well and two things that need improvement, providing clear direction to employees and their managers. This helps in facilitating ongoing coaching conversations leading to behaviour change.
Appreciate peers through digital badges promoting a
culture of peer recognition
Saying "thank you" goes a long way. Saying it at the right time is even better. Karma Notes helps you recognise peers publicly through digital badges, promoting a culture of peer recognition. The application enables your organisation to embrace a culture of appreciation and recognition. And it is recognition here and now: one-minute recognition.
Smart notifications and features that engage employees and build a feedback culture
Karma Notes uses principles of behavioural science to nudge employees for using the suite to provide feedback and recognise others. This is done by using smart notifications and features throughout the application workflow. This will help your organisation embrace a culture of feedback and recognition.
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