Building Clarity For Change

06 March 2017, Posted by Rajan Kalia

Management shares the new direction, strategy and plan with people, and expects them to follow quickly; often wondering as to why others cannot see the reason for change as clearly as they can.

Making Feedback an On-going Conversation and Not a Performance Review

28 February 2017, Posted by Nitin Behki

While almost everyone acknowledges how critical are feedback conversations at work to help improve, engage and develop others yet very few actually do something about it.

Hullabaloo over performance ratings

23 February 2017, Posted by Rajan Kalia

The answers to managing performance are still emerging but it is clear that winds of change are blowing and employees want more transparency, more data points and a holistic view of their performance

Webinar: Performance Feedback: Science and Myth

27 December 2016, Posted by Varun Tandon

Research has also shown it is hard to get and give feedback. When we give a feedback the person who receives it feels as if he or she is hearing some footsteps on a dark lonely night.

How Employee Feedback Works

16 October 2016, Posted by Varun Tandon

We receive feedback on a daily basis but our actual effort to change ourselves varies in different scenarios. Only last month I was having a discussion with one of the friends who had just become a manager and sharing with him why he should give regular feedback to his subordinates on things going

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